5 things to work on for higher search ranking


Let’s discuss 5 important parts of your WordPress website on which you need to work in order to achieve higher search ranking than your competing websites.

SEO is not a magical technique, but more akin to plumbing, if you do everything right the water will flow. What you need is a bit of time and patience, and follow our recommendations.

Website code

By having a great code with your website will not get you ranking directly, but it will not keep you from ranking. Fact is when a search engine spider goes through your website, he is reading the front-end code of your WordPress website, and you want him to go through it as fast as possible.

Being a WordPress website owners means you are using a theme and plugins, and you are not coding directly, then how can you ever work on the website code? Well, the answer is relatively simple – choose a WordPress theme that is not overburdened with code and scripts.

WordPress theme code
Editing WordPress theme code should be done carefully.

The best example of a WordPress theme that has too much code is a multipurpose theme with tons of plugins and script integrated. Your website may be running “bloatware” script that you do not need and the crawler spider will definitely go through all that to get to the important stuff.

Content is important

We can all agree that websites have moved on from plain HTML websites and now have lots of images and media content. Still, the power of words is there, and you need to use it to your advantage.

Words on your website are read by visitors as well as “robots” so they can provide meaning and relevance to your website. Use text content to communicate, use keywords and synonyms but bear in mind that it has to be enticing and relevant to the end-user.

Others write about your WordPress website? Great! Off-page content is the other side of the coin as it can improve your domain authority and relevance in your business niche.

Incoming links

The basic principle on which Google founded a website relevance for a specific query is relevant links. Over the years Google algorithms have evolved, but still, links hold their importance.

Early adopters of backlinking tried to brute-force SEO with a high number of links from non-relevant websites. Search engine algorithms changed, and now a small number of higher quality links is better.

It is harder to become an influencer website and retain an authentic audience, and search engines will recognize this. Take the time to cultivate relationships with the right websites, get valuable links and you will improve further on your website SEO.

Communicating with your audience

Any online business worth it’s salt will round its online presence with social media. Do not take social media for granted, they will not provide you SEO benefits directly. Instead, they provide means of communicating with your audience and promoting your content to your current audience.

Social media interactions are fortified by cultivated relationships and communicating with influencers on social media. Having a robust and effective social media presence helps with a brand’s recognition, which leads to clicks in search engine results. Relationships and relevance to influencers garner quality links.

SEO data analysis

Your website does not live in a vacuum, but more like a sea of websites, and they flow and ebb with the currents. These currents are your website visitors, and you will be steering them with your content.

When at sea, every once in a while you need to check the map? Yes, you need to analyze your website SEO data. You may notice that some keywords rank better with your website. That is because your content intuitively had the intent of a searcher for that keyword.

Your SEO analysis data is there to guide you, give you feedback on how your audience responds to your content. If you do not use it then your SEO is based on your gut instinct and it will result in mediocre SEO optimization than never lives up to its full potential.


Search ranking is much like a unicorn. We have a feeling it is there but we can never fully capture all of its aspects. Google recommends avoiding anyone who offers guarantees about SEO.

Fact is we can never truly grasp every single aspect of SEO, but we all work on our website content only to deliver what Google search users want. The key is in understanding how your audience uses search engines and provide content optimized for both human and search engine consumption.