Get to know your target audience and increase your website success!


No product or service can be appealing to everyone. Instead, it has its own target audience. Same is for websites. Getting to know your target audience better is a top priority.

Knowing them better will enable you to gain reach and have more success communicating to them through your website. Your website will be more successful.

First thing first, you need to know what age are they, with what line of work, how old are they, where do they work, are they married or single, are they dual-income, do they have kids, how many, how old, etc.

A straightforward way of collecting some of this data is by a poll for your website visitors.

Now what you need to do is to relate to them, get to know their daily struggles and how they solve them. Empathize with their desires and fears. This can be done through blog comments, discussions in social media groups, forums (Reddit for example) … etc.

Within your target audience we can diversify three types of website visitors:

  • The direct customers, paying for your product or service.
  • The influencers, who most likely are enthusiasts in the business and influence others to make a purchase.
  • Visitors of the website which will not make a purchase and will not influence anyone to make a purchase.

We should note that the direct customers are the most important ones. The data you have collected can be used to reveal your direct customer motivation and goals. Communicate with them about the ways in which your products can help them achieve their goals.

This way you will create additional opportunities for your business while you will know exactly what you need to focus to achieve the results.

The important question is how to keep your target audience engaged with your website. With all the devices we use our attention span is very short. Your website content must be built with this in mind – creative and enticing to the visitor to click it.

Make a research and a final conclusion on what content is the most appropriate for your target audience that will produce the highest chance to attract and convert albeit an article, infographic, resource calculator, educational video or something else.

This is something you must decide as it is highly specific in your marketing, goals and industry niche.

On a final note, the best case scenario is that you have done this research before you engage with creating (new) content for your website because now you can actually make it MUCH better.