How to get links and grow your WordPress website?


Why is having links so important? Links drive traffic from other websites, directly to your content and provide targeted, organic traffic from relevant websites covering the same subject, business or industry.

Search engines will analyze links to your website, and those links that are coming from relevant, authoritative websites in your industry niche will contribute a small bit to your website SEO value, helping your website rank higher for the content that receives the links.

Both from the perspective of the link giver and link receiver, it is a positive experience, if done properly and in good faith.

Insight into link building

Before diving into the link building techniques, first we must note that search engine algorithms are becoming more advanced every day, literally becoming “smarter” and these algorithms can distinguish are the links good or bad, are they relevant to your industry, business or niche.

Essentially, search engines will take note of the links from high-ranking websites and the more reputable that site is, so will your SEO value rise.

chart representing search ranking metrics

You should be aware that links coming from irrelevant or spam websites may actually hurt your WordPress website search ranking, and knowing this you should try to contact these websites and demand that they remove them.

Link building is not a technique that will have an overnight impact on your website search ranking, yes, it will take time. While it may look like a tiresome endeavor, it is important to say that in the long run it will pay off. It is an investment that will help your website grow its audience and contribute to your website success.

How to get links

Real people looking for answers through a search engine will most likely choose to read the best answer to their query, and this is the main reason why Google experts say that high-quality content is the key for the online success. Depending on your business or industry niche, you must offer engaging, fresh content that will cater to your target audience.

I would imagine that you already knew this, but I had to reiterate on the importance of content because if you want to get links, you need that high-quality content on your website in the first place. The basic way to have new and exciting content on your WordPress website regularly is to provide a blog or industry news coverage.

get links using these methods

Once a week or at least once in two weeks you should be offering authoritative updates with engaging writing. Written content should be accompanied with visual stimulation through images and infographics. Bear in mind that you are providing content to real people, and as such ask yourself is the offered content interesting, engaging and useful?

Social media links

Admittedly, direct links from social media websites do not contribute much to your WordPress website SEO, but they provide the opportunity for the content to be shared and become viral. A link with your Facebook business page does not help your website SEO value, but followers will consume and share the content if it pleases them.

It is always a good idea to research what is your audience interest and post content that will get them talking about it. Depending on your business niche, you may choose one or more but not necessarily all popular social media networks as some may prove to have diminishing returns.

Guest blogging

Since this method became popular, the value of guest blogging scaled down, but it still is a viable method to get links and promote your content. Again, you should be aiming for relevant blogs or websites that can improve your website authority.

Best blog posts are the ones that help the audience solve a problem or an issue. As an industry expert, you need to offer professional advice within a good faith manner that will build audience confidence and make them trust your judgment and opinion on the matter.

Review blogging

Writing a blog post that commends or praises another business or product can be of interest to your audience and it will have a positive impact on your renown and encourage sharing and linking. It is in everyone’s best interest to receive positive feedback about their product or service, though I would suggest that you write based on your truthful opinion and again, in good faith.

A high quality top five post that mentions other businesses will make sure you show up on their radar. Even if they do not decide to return the favor, your website will receive back some of their renown, because you are who you keep company with.

Broken links growth

Many websites hold broken links that point to content that has been removed or no longer present. Building broken links may seem like a vague and unclear technique and it will take a bit of time for you to comprehend how to make use of it properly.

First, find a broken link on a website that is reputable, relevant to your business niche, and has relatively high ranked with search engines. Then recreate the content which is relevant to that broken link, and contact the relevant webmaster with an offer that they correct the link with your content. This way you will make their job easier as well as increase your website value.

In order to have the highest positive effect from the new link, choose a website that has the most referrals with the broken links, and recreates content for them. Understand that this is not a sure-fire way to get links, as a webmaster may be unwilling to oblige the link. To find the broken links you can use a free online broken links checker.


While the links you want optimally need to have a call-to-action, you do not want to look like you are brute-forcing for links, but instead, what you are doing is contributing content. Backlinks that you receive with the best intentions will be followed by people organically and help you promote your WordPress Website.

get links and your search ranking with Google will improve

On the last note, Google and other search engines consider relevant links as a crucial factor to SEO rankings but bear in mind that it is better to have a smaller number of high-quality links than hundreds of spam links which contribute very little.