How to make high-quality posts and improve your WordPress page and post SEO?


The competition between websites has significantly increased since Google put the hammer down on the low-quality websites. Because they aim to provide the best search results, websites with relevant high-quality content are at the top of the index.

More than ever, our page and website content must be created and adapted to the Google guidelines, in order to improve single post or page search ranking. Those that achieve such high standards will be in the featured snippet of the search.

These featured snippets will significantly reduce search traffic for websites in the results below them.

WordPress post structure

First thing first, the structure of a well-made WordPress post is built with these elements:

  1. Captivating title
  2. Intro with a catch
  3. Elaboration of the main question or issue
  4. One or more sub-points and solution
  5. Conclusion with a call to action

The title itself must be enticing, and focusing reader to a single problem that is relevant to the website audience. Avoid long or very short title. A long title will make the reader go away, while short one will not give enough information for the reader to be interested in the post.

Post introduction is where you want to identify the issue and give an interesting example with a catch, without giving away the solution or the conclusion which will come later. Few sentences should be enough, again not too long is better.

Next, you should elaborate on the main issue with one or more possible perspectives on the matter and hints on the possible solutions. Again, examples are good as they help the reader get to the bottom of the issue.

With the previous section length in mind, you can decide how subpoint you will be needing. If there are multiple solutions for the issue in question, then you may produce so many sub-points.

A conclusion can summarise possible solutions and give a needed reminder, with a call to action.

Understanding Featured snippets

We all know Google is invested in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and this is resulting in their search engine getting better and better at understanding what the user search intent was.

Featured snippets are a logical evolution were Google will attempt to answer the search straight on the search results page, above the number one ranked search result.

Thus far appearing in a form of paragraph, list or table, Google picks content for the snippet from a website that gives the best answer and it may not be the page that is ranked number one in the results.

SEO Recommendations

Beside Knowledge Cards that appear on the right side of the search, Featured Snippet is the current big addition that will appear inappropriate SERPs.

For a specific search, a combination of both can appear, effectively making it more difficult for websites in the results getting traffic from organic search.

Expansion of voice search devices will take a share of the organic searches. This makes winning the spot in a featured snippet even more important as you can expect them to be used as search answers in a voice search.

Optimizing website content, pages and posts for the featured snippets mean you will need to provide lists, clear formatting for the headers and paragraphs and if needed add featured snippet code.

The content of the snippet should be relevant to the content of the page, short and to the point. Some guidelines recommend under 50 words. Include keywords you are targeting with a snippet.

Features snippet code can vary, depending on the type of the snippet:

For paragraph snippet:




For list snippet:












Having a featured snippet on your website or page will not gain direct benefit to your search ranking, but if you are on the first page of Google results then your content is very relevant to the search and it just may become featured in the snippet.

Being prepared for such situation will net you additional traffic which you will be taking away from competing websites.

If you are not fond of adding code to your website, you can use a WordPress plugin to add featured snippet content to your posts and pages.