Increase website visitor engagement with a survey or a poll!


If there is one single thing any website wish for, it is the higher visitor engagement with their content. However, sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint an exact trend or focus of your audience. This is where pop-up surveys or polls can help you.

Surveys and polls will enable you to search for new insight into your website audience.

Improve engagement!

By making small, short quiz forms, that are easy to fill and will generate leads, give info about different segments of your audience and in the long run drive traffic to your website.

Pop-up surveys and polls must be fun and easy, to be able to increase the time a user spends on your website. Easy yes or no quiz, or checkbox form with a few choice options is the best one. Questions should not be too long or the visitor may lose focus and just close it.

The poll plugin should be “lightweight” so it does not affect your website loading speed or website visitor experience. After the visitor has finished the poll it is a good option to display the current poll result to the visitor in a form of a graph or a chart.

Considering all this, here are a few WordPress plugins that can provide building such polls and surveys:


Not just a poll and survey plugin, but much more, WPForms is by many the best contact form plugin, but their pro offer contains excellent survey and poll options. Making a poll or a survey is easy and the results can be presented automatically after the user has cast his vote.

Additionally, poll results can be displayed anywhere else on your website and exported for later use.


A somewhat simpler alternative, WP-Polls is an easy, intuitive and free solution. It can be used to add polls to pages, posts or widget area. Furthermore, users can make multiple choices in the poll. Results are displayed automatically.

While the plugin is simplistic, it does not offer much choice or visual customization. However, with a little coding, you will be able to add custom code for a personalized CSS style.

Gravity Forms

One of the WordPress veteran plugins, Gravity Forms offers many add-ons among which are the poll and survey ones. The survey add-on for this plugin is a paid service. Making any kind of form with this plugin is relatively easy.

The main drawback of this plugin is that the survey results can be viewed only by a website administrator, and not by users/visitors. Results visual presentation is not supported, meaning there is no chart or graph display.

However, results can be exported to a CSV file and later presented on your website through additional plugins.


Visitors engagement is a great way to keep users enticed with your website, while you can gain valuable insight into your audience.

Having surveys and polls, and providing these information back to audience too will generate additional traffic organically.