Price comparison WordPress plugin increases conversion!


Any kind of WordPress website owner, both a business or an affiliate marketer, will be looking to increase their profit and close more deals, and for this purpose, price comparison tables are a major factor for conversion increase.

Yes, when people are shopping for products online, they like to make sure they are getting the best deal when it comes to a service or product, which makes such comparisons for features and price indispensable.

For this purpose we have collected several WordPress plugins, both free and premium, that will help you create simple yet comprehensive price and/or feature comparisons.

Content Egg

A very full-featured choice, Content Egg has several very valuable affiliate marketing tools, and simple yet effective visual presentation.

Besides the relatively basic features for adding a logo, price, and “Buy Now” button for each product, other awesome features make this plugin stand out from the crowd.

Content Egg price comparison product comparison WordPress plugin

Under your product listings and comparison tables, you can include price drop notifications that visitors can subscribe to. They’ll get sent out automatically thanks to the API integration included in Content Egg, and best of all it works with over twenty different affiliate systems.

Yes, this premium plugin price is substantial, but there is no denying that it would be a powerful tool in your website arsenal.

WordPress Pricing Tables

While the name of the plugin is not that creative, the developers probably are, because they pack a 3in1 plugin that can help you with tables, sliders and comparisons.

WordPress Pricing Tables price comparison product comparison WordPress plugin

WordPress Pricing Tables provide more than fifty price comparison designs to choose from which makes it easy to match the tables to your theme. The shortcodes provided allow you to embed any table you make in any post or page on your site.

The plugin is maintained actively, with a very affordable price for regular licence, which will have to be renewed or extended if you ever need future updates.


Specifically for Amazon affiliates, AAWP is a powerful plugin for building comparison tables that can automatically fetch the data field from Amazon website or you can manually add the data.

AAWP price comparison product comparison WordPress plugin

The tables are generated automatically with conversion oriented click to action buttons, displaying Amazon and Prime logos that further entice such benefit owners.


Another great example that WordPress is much more than a software platform is when a free plugin, such as TablePress, has four hundred thousand active installs and impressive user reviews.

TablePress price comparison product comparison WordPress plugin

Yes, TablePress is a table-creation plugin which can be used for comparison purposes, with its interface look similar to a spreadsheet software.

TablePress price comparison plugin also includes these helpful options:

  • Add pagination, sorting, and more.
  • Import/export tables to Excel or .csv.
  • Contains any data type (including formulae).

Premium add-ons enable responsive design, detailed filtering, and lots more.

Go Pricing

Now, for those of you who want to create gorgeous, colorful and awesome-looking table comparisons without too much effort, Go Pricing offers more than 250 beautiful table templates.

Go Pricing price comparison product comparison WordPress plugin

Right from the bat I want to mention it is a premium plugin with a fair price, though I imagine those among us who lack time and/or design skills will greatly appreciate what this plugin has to offer. I would note that it includes features like:

  • Column animations.
  • Font Awesome icons integration.
  • Responsive design.
  • Shortcodes to easily add tables anywhere.


I think I can conclude that the comparison plugins we mentioned cover all bases, from a free and simple, to an elaborate and feature-rich which are also premium.

At the end of the day, you should choose one that provides the most for your specific website needs, and if that means investing a few dollars, do not be afraid because your final goal is to make profit.