Pro tips to improve website traffic!


One thing any website cant get enough of is visitors. Among the few things you can do to get higher visitors count is making sure your content is high quality. Everyone will agree that content is the king today.

However, we all know the usual tips such as add images of graphic to your posts, or use social media to promote your website. Everybody knows them.

The fact that you want to actively engage with increasing your blog traffic is a good start. Here is a few pro advice that will definitely make a difference:

  • Use Google Analytics to monitor and asses your blog traffic and demographics. Work on the content that brings the higher traffic and higher profit. One high quality post in a few days is better than 10 bad ones that miss the focus of your audience.
  • Make sure your content is SEO friendly. Diverse vocabulary with high number of different words related to your business niche is good for SEO. Write content that is comparable to what your audience would search for on the internet. Short sentences that contain keywords are very good, but also use synonyms.

  • Community interaction can drive traffic to your website. Engage in relevant discussions on forums and other websites with your target audience online. Interaction must include educated and meaningful communication. Provide additional information and value with your knowledge of the subject. Spam posts can have a negative impact. No spam please.
  • Provide an option for visitors to subscribe to your posts via email. This way you make sure they are reminded to read new blog posts, comments or additional content. Send regular updates about new posts to your mailing list.

  • Adding survey or a poll to your website will provide additional information about your visitors, their interest and from that info you will be able to offer better content with your website.

Most of all, you need to be consistent with your content quality, have regular new posts, and website updates. If possible, update your website content every day.