How to make your WordPress blog attractive

Fast internet is available in most countries and the average internet user’s attention span is very low, which means that your WordPress blog has about under one second to leave a good impression on your visitor before he starts thinking about staying or leaving. What this means is that your WordPress blog needs to be … Read more

How can Gutenberg 7.1 improve your experience with WordPress

The new Gutenberg 7.1 update is packed with improvements, while experts warn that you may experience a slightly slower user experience but it is worth it, so there is no need to be concerned. Let’s start from the beginning. Welcome UI changes The new welcome user interface is aimed at new users with a goal … Read more

Improve search result eligibility for your WordPress website

Recent changes implemented by Google are aimed at their long-term goal which is better search results for search engine end-users. The short answer to the question “How can you have your website displayed more often in the search results” is given by Google’s John Mueller who suggests “following the company’s official structured data requirements to … Read more

Best WordPress tips and practices to improve your website in 2019

Indeed, content-management-systems are dominating website development, with the easy website building, powerful and functional plugins. Among them, WordPress stands as the most recognizable one, with a plethora of themes and plugins. Being the most developed CMS, WordPress plugins enable users to do some amazing things effortlessly. To some degree, this has translated to with user … Read more

Improve WordPress website SEO factors

SEO experts acknowledge that modern search engines do not determine website search ranking based on a small number of factors. Instead, they solve a truly complex puzzle which combines user experience, user engagement, content structure, depth, and relevance, with the traditional on-page SEO. Additional factors that are not yet confirmed as hard ranking factors but … Read more

How to improve your website CRO and Google PageSpeed Insight score!

Modern internet user is relatively un-patient and spoiled. If his browsing experience with your website is not flawless he will likely bounce and leave your website. Your website must deliver a high level of user experience so that you can retain conversion and that will ideally lead to making a profit from your website. CRO … Read more

Pro tips to improve website traffic!

One thing any website cant get enough of is visitors. Among the few things you can do to get higher visitors count is making sure your content is high quality. Everyone will agree that content is the king today. However, we all know the usual tips such as add images of graphic to your posts, … Read more