Why is WordPress so popular as a blogging and new site platform?

Knowing that around one-third of online websites use WordPress as their CMS (content management system) we can say confidently that it is the most popular choice for blogging or any other kind of website. However, we would note that WordPress is even much more popular with new website owners, as we can confirm that WordPress … Read more

How to add interactive (infographic) content to your WordPress website and increase visitor engagement!

Interactive (infographic) content is highly compelling because they combine visual elements with motion and entice user interaction which creates a memorable experience for your WordPress website visitors. Website visitors are better able to retain information when they interact with it, making this one of your top website development priorities in the year 2020. Creating infographics … Read more

How to delete your WordPress and start a fresh site?

The WordPress CMS is amicable but is not an ideal software platform. Major and incremental software updates will leave you with a desire to start a fresh site because with the latest patch your website is not performing top-notch. It’s not always ideal, but occasionally you’ll need to completely reset WordPress to its original state. … Read more

What is the best WordPress theme for my website?

The main reason why WordPress is the most popular way to build your website is that, besides website building tools, you have a plethora of additional plugins that will help you grow your website. After you got yourself a domain and WordPress hosting it is time to choose a theme design. WordPress themes are thousands … Read more

Must-have WordPress tools for website professionals

Indeed, WordPress content management system has grown to staggering success, not by chance, but by providing an open-source platform that enabled skilled developers to make their dream websites come true. A truly skilled web designer can do just about anything, given the right tools and a bit of time to make it happen. The sheer … Read more

Improve search result eligibility for your WordPress website

Recent changes implemented by Google are aimed at their long-term goal which is better search results for search engine end-users. The short answer to the question “How can you have your website displayed more often in the search results” is given by Google’s John Mueller who suggests “following the company’s official structured data requirements to … Read more

Steps to make your e-commerce WordPress website trustworthy!

Trusting online websites is a big issue these days, especially for e-commerce WordPress websites, because to buy anything the visitor has to give over personal data including their credit card number. That means giving sensitive information that can be taken advantage of by hackers. Fake websites are present on the internet too, with what looks … Read more

Thinking about a WordPress website redesign?

Sometimes a company college, co-worker or co-owner is the original designer of your website, and making a redesign of the company website may seem like an insult to their designer skills. Redesigning your website will sound like you are putting down the current visual presentation of the website, but making well-thought changes is bound to … Read more

Tips to Improve Keyword Rankings for your WordPress website

Keyword rankings changed and all of the recent search engine algorithm changes we witness, traditional tactics like keyword research and targeting, page tagging optimization, and on-page content updates don’t have the impact that they used to. Every website is different, these changes could impact them differently, which is why it’s important to make continuous improvements, … Read more