Increase website visitor engagement with a survey or a poll!

If there is one single thing any website wish for, it is the higher visitor engagement with their content. However, sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint an exact trend or focus of your audience. This is where pop-up surveys or polls can help you. Surveys and polls will enable you to search for new insight … Read more

Why do I need a responsive theme with my WordPress website?

Responsive theme is a feature often mentioned in a WordPress theme description. However, average WordPress website owner who is satisfied with its somewhat older theme may be indifferent to this feature, without knowing what it is and what are the benefits. Basically, the responsive theme is a theme that does autonomous content presentation adjustment depending … Read more

Best e-commerce solutions for WordPress?

WordPress is currently the most popular content management system, enabling easy and fast management for numerous websites types, from blog to business presentation or a web-shop. When deciding to offer goods at your website, the most common way is to use an e-commerce platform that will integrate well into your WordPress website. E-commerce platforms such … Read more

Top 5 FREE WordPress Theme

One of the crucial elements of a WordPress website is its theme. Choosing the right theme will your website a successful one. However, not everyone needs a highly developed paid theme. Actually, there are some advantages to using a free WordPress theme. Using a free theme may give you the necessary experience to learn the … Read more

Top 5 WordPress tips

A few basic but very important tips: 1. Make the WordPress theme choice appropriate for your website type The appeal and inherently the success of your website are largely based on the layout of your website, and layout is dictated by WordPress theme you have chosen. Do not make a hasty choice, but instead take … Read more