Top 5 WordPress tips


A few basic but very important tips:

1. Make the WordPress theme choice appropriate for your website type

The appeal and inherently the success of your website are largely based on the layout of your website, and layout is dictated by WordPress theme you have chosen. Do not make a hasty choice, but instead take a bit of time to research different themes from different makers.

What you want is a theme that is focused on conversion with your specific website niche. The theme needs to be fast, easy to read and to make a clear presentation of your content.

2. Do not be afraid to make a few mistakes

Do not expect to make the most out of your WordPress theme in the first five minutes. Instead, play with different settings and looks, because you can afford yourself a few mistakes.

Even if you “break” your website, all you need to do is take 20 minutes to reinstall WordPress and you can start over. Plugins can be added and removed easily, so again, play around with them too.

3. Put the basic elements of the WordPress theme in front of the viewer

One of the basic elements of a WordPress website is the landing page. Invest effort into making the best possible landing page that will drive conversion and success for your website.

Keep in mind that a modern WordPress website has to be built with responsive design in mind, that is looking great on a desktop PC monitor, and just as well on a small smartphone screen. Use widget area plugins to show highly relevant content that will entice your visitor to stay engaged with your website.

4. Get audience feedback using interactive plugins

Interactive plugins such as a poll, survey or a slideshow may help you gather important feedback from your audience. A poll can help you get a straight-forward information on a certain subject.

A story-telling slideshow with a question may give insight into the audience habits or even send traffic to the desired destination. There is a number of different plugins that can be used and WPForms is one of the easy and intuitive ones.

5. Consider using high-quality WordPress hosting service

For a number of reasons, the best solution for hosting a WordPress website is a managed WordPress hosting. Such high-quality service will relieve you of a number of possible headaches.

Automated website backup, secure hosting environment, 1-click restore of your website to a previous iteration … etc. will save you time and money while the overall cost of the service is really affordable.