What are the main benefits of Google Ads for your WordPress website?


Google search is the first place where you search for something when you and most of us want to buy something. It has become a habit, and in most cases, it may happen on your smartphone rather than on your desktop PC.

Google search results are the most popular online marketplace for connecting you with the advertisers from around the world who offer exactly what you’re searching for, based on your location, language, and shopping habits which are known to Google.

Yes, Google is so much more than a search engine, it is the largest marketing machine on the Internet, as Google Ads has completely revolutionized the way advertisers sell products and services to users. But do you know how to advertise your WordPress website on Google?

Let me introduce you to Google Ads

Until recently known as Google AdWords, Google Ads turns the largest search engine on the internet into a place for business owners to market their goods to customers who are looking to make a purchase.

Based on what users search for, the main goal is to connect sellers and consumers and two ad types are most common: 

  • Create a Google AdWords campaign that allows you to place ads on a desired search engine results page (SERP) depending on the keywords optimization of your ad.
  • Make a product listing by advertising your product or service through Google Shopping as an option which is easily set up with a photo thumbnail and a direct CTA to buy.

How to advertise properly with Google

Because so many users are coming to Google when they are ready to buy something, it makes sense for advertisers to directly convert users where they already are. How do you rank well and show up at a better spot in Google Ads against other competitors? Well, it comes down to a few factors.

The price of PPC ads is directly influenced by keyword competition, and it does affect how your paid ads will be chosen among your competitors. Then how does Google decide which ads to show? The choice is made by your quality score and cost-per-click as major factors.

What is Quality Score and how it affects your ads?

The Quality Score is calculated by the relevance and accuracy of your PPC ad along with your website’s overall user experience. A higher score will help you come on top of competitors, and in the long run, it influences the cost of your ads.

Work on improving your Quality Score in the long run, and it will help you with optimizing ad campaigns, but it will also have a positive effect on your overall SEO with Google. It is a win-win situation.

What you need to know about cost-per-click (CPC)

The most important thing you need to know is that Google charges based on ad clicks. Your CPC will vary based on your target audience, region or country, but is also influenced by ad competitors saturation and competition for your desired keywords.

Starting your first Google Ads campaign you will notice what is called a CPC bid which competitors are bidding on the same keywords, so Google determines a cost for each competitor.

Tips for different Ad types

Admittedly, not all Google Ads are created the same, but there are a few types. Some of them are better for certain products and services so it is good to know what will work best for you.

Search Ads are the text ads in Google SERPs, still, the primary way to advertise and create PPC ads on Google, pinned at the top of the results first page which is the most valuable real estate on the web. Text ads may not be the best fit for every product or service.

Smart Ads are the new ad format, as this kind of advertisement is up and running with new Google AdWord campaign in minutes. Their main benefit is that each PPC ad is optimized for its primary conversion goal, albeit website visitors, voice calls, mobile users or brick-and-mortar store customers.

Video Ads are distributed through YouTube which has over 500 million hours user watch time. This kind of video ads are run before or during a popular (monetized) video and are very similar to TV ads, as they offer a chance for an elaborate and engaging, visual content.

Display Ads are shown through influencer websites that have partnered with Google. These banner images offer a great way of targeting an audience combined with a creative, engaging experience.

Yes, you should try and experiment with each type to see how successful it will be for your offers.

Tips for first-timers on Google Ads

I would imagine by now you are itching to start your first campaign, and that is why we want to offer a few valuable tips.

Because it is your first campaign we recommend that you start with low competition long-tail keywords, allowing you some room to experiment. The long-tail keywords should be a few phrases directed at your ideal customer, but they should provide lower keyword competition and consequently low cost-per-click.

If this is a standard text ad take the time to test and optimize your ad until you narrow it to one that provides the highest amount of conversions. The very first text ad you make will not be your best one, so feel free to experiment.

Same can be said for a banner/image ad, some experimentation will be needed, though now you will want to stay within your branding and visual identity. Your ad elements must be consistent and cohesive with the rest of your online presence.

Adapt your ad to the platform with which you want your ad to be successful. If you want to convert mobile visitors, you probably don’t want to invest in long horizontal banner images that can hardly be seen on mobile. Instead, a text ad might be the best choice.


What are the main benefits of Google AdWords for your WordPress website? Target audience availability and accessibility.

Yes, the customers you wanted on your website may not be found by a grocery store or a mall superstore ad, but Google Ads will find them because all of them are using Google every day.

Capitalizing on being the most popular search engine on the web, Google Ads has completely revolutionized the way advertisers sell products and services to users.

If you are not marketing your WordPress website with Google Ads, I am sure your competitors are.