Why is WordPress so popular as a blogging and new site platform?


Knowing that around one-third of online websites use WordPress as their CMS (content management system) we can say confidently that it is the most popular choice for blogging or any other kind of website.

However, we would note that WordPress is even much more popular with new website owners, as we can confirm that WordPress market share rose from 28% in 2016 to 35% in 2020.

What makes WordPress the most popular choice for website developers?

Becoming number one on any business is a daunting task and it requires many strengths that appeal to your target market.

Admittedly, one of the most popular features of WordPress among developers is that it is open-source software, meaning you can study, modify, and implement the source code under the GPL license.

This makes WordPress provide plenty of room for developers to work and improve on WordPress and provide their own free and premium solutions that further enable WordPress users and developers.

What makes WordPress the most popular choice for blogging and new sites?

Among the IT professionals there is a saying that there is no “free lunch” and what it means is that nothing is for free. Apparently, this saying does not stick with WordPress, because you can use it along with free plugins and themes, without spending a dime.

WordPress is the leading site platform holding 25% of websites globally.

You can make an unlimited number of websites or mobile apps completely free with WordPress

The plugins provide users with a specific feature while a theme is a file set that creates the visual identity for the website, and the fact that you can utilize them through the WordPress dashboard, without any coding, makes it very attractive for beginners.

Yes, WordPress themes and plugins are free, though some of them are provided with a premium version that improves the plugin functionality, which is a way of enticing developers to compete among selves and get something back for their hard work through WordPress site platform.

WordPress is easy to use and fast to setup with its base site platform

To some extent, it may be even more important to acknowledge that WordPress does not require any coding knowledge to be utilized to its full potential, and it is easy to use.

Talking about WordPress themes and beginner website owners, we can note that some themes come with a pre-made site install option, where you can actually install a complete website and customize it to suit your site needs.

All of this means that an average internet user can set up a WordPress site in a matter of minutes, install a theme and plugins, customize it, and have a completely functional site up and running in a matter of a few hours.

This level of easy-to-use is highly attractive to both fresh website owners and professional developers alike.

WordPress has built a helpful and devoted community around itself

In the beginning, because of the open-source status, WordPress was well adopted by professional developers who were looking for ways to improve their site creation workflow through a content management system.

Over time, the number of developers has increased, and the community has thrived with thousands of daily contributions to the source code, plugins, and themes.

Even more importantly, the community is built from creative professionals that are eager to talk about their work as well as customize it for any users’ needs.

Your question can lead to a popular answer which will help another user to solve its problem too.

WordPress is popular in over 120 languages

Any questions you might have about WordPress, plugin or theme, may have already been answered at an appropriate community, forum, or guides site, which means all you have to do is search the web for answers or ask directly within an online gathering space.

Developers all around the world have never been more enthusiastic about WordPress than today, as we see it has sprouted and spawned amazing solutions such as Elementor website builder, which can provide even higher levels of user experience with an intuitive visual interface.


By now I am sure we have come to the conclusion that WordPress is the number one blogging and site platform because it is popular with both developers and end-users alike for its open-source status, easy to deploy and use, and amazing community.

If you are looking to make your mark in the online space with a site, I am sure WordPress can provide you with all the resources you need, so go ahead and give it a try.