Automatic updates with WordPress 5.5

One particular feature that WordPress was supposed to introduce back in 2019, was anticipated with anxiety by many WordPress users, though later moved to 2020 schedule and now incoming. What the WordPress project seeks to introduce are automatic plugin and theme updates with WordPress version 5.5 and while it may be a game-changer or a … Read more

How to delete your WordPress and start a fresh site?

The WordPress CMS is amicable but is not an ideal software platform. Major and incremental software updates will leave you with a desire to start a fresh site because with the latest patch your website is not performing top-notch. It’s not always ideal, but occasionally you’ll need to completely reset WordPress to its original state. … Read more

How to start a new website in 2019

It is that time of the year when we can fondly reflect on the year behind us, while we start to execute plans we have been preparing for the new year. For many of us, it would be starting a new website. When starting a WordPress website, even if it is not your first website, … Read more