WordPress maintenance update 5.5.1 fixes millions of broken sites

There is no doubt that it is a huge success, but the update to WordPress 5.5 had an unexpected result for many WordPress users. Causing their sites to break, the negative effects of WordPress 5.5 were felt across millions of sites, a truly staggering event. The later announcement about what exactly went wrong provided a … Read more

Why is WordPress so popular as a blogging and new site platform?

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How to make your WordPress blog attractive

Fast internet is available in most countries and the average internet user’s attention span is very low, which means that your WordPress blog has about under one second to leave a good impression on your visitor before he starts thinking about staying or leaving. What this means is that your WordPress blog needs to be … Read more

What steps do I need to build a WordPress theme

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Comparison between WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal CMS

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How to provide online classes with a WordPress website

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March 2020 features and changes with WordPress 5.4

The WordPress release schedule is poised with a new one with March 31st 2020 with a final list of new features within the release candidate. Considering this, we can provide insight into these new features and changes with a number of our own tips and suggestions. Which features and changes are slated WordPress 5.4 The … Read more

5 Super Fast WordPress themes for 2020

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Automatic updates with WordPress 5.5

One particular feature that WordPress was supposed to introduce back in 2019, was anticipated with anxiety by many WordPress users, though later moved to 2020 schedule and now incoming. What the WordPress project seeks to introduce are automatic plugin and theme updates with WordPress version 5.5 and while it may be a game-changer or a … Read more

Price comparison WordPress plugin increases conversion!

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How to add interactive (infographic) content to your WordPress website and increase visitor engagement!

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