Optimize your website to produce higher visitor conversion


You have a content creation plan for your website. New posts are published regularly, products are presented with landing pages and the visitor traffic is there.

However, visitor conversion is low even though traffic is going up. What you need to consider is getting a few WordPress plugins which will improve your website conversion.

Visitors traffic vs. conversion

Bear in mind, if your overall website traffic is low, then you first need to get this number up before focusing on conversion. Working on your website conversion will demand time and you should be ready to invest some money too.

Use embedded calls-to-action (CTA) to focus your visitor’s attention from website post or article to a service or product page which can lead to “profit”. Even small improvements with +2% visitor count conversion increase are considerable. Choose a calls-to-action plugin which includes a reporting tool so you can have a better overview of the whole effort and progress.

CTA plugins

For example, Thrive Ultimatum is a very good CTA plugin as it can provide countdown tickers which add that sense of urgency that makes visitors compelled to buy now.

Professionally designed timers, widgets and floating banners can be used in a “7-day” or “special” campaigns.

I would imagine you are using Google Analytics and there you can note which landing pages have top performance. Add CTA to your most popular pages in a way that they follow the natural flow of the content, as well as the destination page.

Thrive Leads is the second plugin we would recommend. Use it to ask visitors to sign-up for your newsletter or make a pop-up poll that will lead to “profit” page.

A very powerful plugin for building lists. Pop-ups are a great way to make a CTA, for example, before the visitor leaves the page.

Chatbot plugins are a great way to engage visitors and direct them to a certain content or page. They allow you to build a customized chat bot even if you have very little coding knowledge. Though a bit on the expensive side you may want IBM Watson chatbot as it can be used for support purpose too and is based on a cognitive/AI platform.

Increase visitor interaction for better conversion

A more intricate issue or a request may need live chat one-on-one with your customers. Customers love to talk to an expert provided by your company. Statistics show that live chat can have a significant positive impact on your conversion.

Additionally, direct contact with your customers will give you more insight into their needs and expectations. WordPress plugins such as Intercom or Drift can be recommended.

Yes, live chats are a lot of work so be sure to check if they have indeed provided a positive increase for your conversion.

For websites that have high traffic having a live chat will demand dedicated chat staff so a contact form with the messaging system to your staff may be a better solution than an instant chat.

Lead generation plugins, CTA, and chatbots will help collect phone numbers and/or email data that you can use for following up with potential customers and build mailing and phone lists