Thinking about a WordPress website redesign?


Sometimes a company college, co-worker or co-owner is the original designer of your website, and making a redesign of the company website may seem like an insult to their designer skills.

Redesigning your website will sound like you are putting down the current visual presentation of the website, but making well-thought changes is bound to have a positive effect on a stale website layout.

We would like to discuss some reasons why working on redesigns can be beneficial to your website, with four tips on how to approach website redesign and help you nail the job.

The benefits of reworking your website design

To be able to talk about the benefits of reworking a website design, first we need to mention why a great visual presentation is important:

  • It makes a positive first impression with your customer about your online business.
  • It helps your search engine optimization
  • It builds trust with the target audience
  • It increases your conversion rates and profit

Bear in mind, that other competing business will invest in visual presentation and if you want to stay competitive with your website, so will you have to do.

WordPress website design

Reworking your website design will strengthen all of the above-mentioned benefits as well as include:

  • Create a feeling of consistency with your website
  • A fresh look will improve user experience
  • Better brand or product communication
  • Add modern features to your website
  • Improve website loading times
  • Improve your bottom line with a responsive website

A website redesign does not automatically guarantee a jump in conversion rates, more whitepaper downloads or an increase in revenue. Understanding your website visitor needs and planning the website, while keeping user experience and functionality, testing concepts and new page designs before making drastic changes can help you get a good grasp on what your final redesign will look like.

What features should your website redesign incorporate?

In order to achieve the goal, you will have to add modern features to your website:

  1. Responsive design
  2. Call-to-Action (CTA) links
  3. Up-to-date content
  4. Streamlined navigation
  5. Social links
  6. No duplicate content

Because you are a WordPress website owner it is somewhat easier for you to incorporate all this, as it may come with your WordPress theme, while if something may be lacking you can always add a plugin.

Have a responsive website and increase your website traffic

Now, some of you may already have a responsive website, but I would ask how old is that website design or theme? Did it get a facelift in a recent update? How well it renders your website on a newer high-resolution device?

I would note that now is a crucial moment when a mobile search has taken the lead over desktop search. Smartphones and mobile devices are more practical and they can be used anywhere – in a coffee shop, public transport or on a city bench, people are searching using their mobile devices.

Call-to-Action links are a great way to improve website conversion rates and turn your customers’ attention to the actual purchase of a product or service. While browsing through your website visitor needs a reminder that he is there for a reason and a CTA will be helpful.

Up-to-date content is something you should strive for, though if your website is a few years old, there is bound to be a handful or even more of content that needs to be replaced with fresh picks. 

Streamlined navigation is important if you want your customers to find and purchase products or services. A sleek top or left-side menu with a well-thought navigation hierarchy will do the trick. Widget area on the other side can be used to provide several links for relevant content.

Bottom of the page also known as footer should be used for further navigation and direct links to important parts of your website such as Contact, Customer support … etc.

Include links to your company social network pages such as Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, … and others, to get your visitor involved even when he is not on your website.

You may already know this, but I must note that duplicate content has a negative impact on your website SEO. Avoid having duplicates.

Involve both customers and company people in the website redesign

Communicating with your customers about the website redesign process can improve client satisfaction, put them at ease, and provide them with a greater sense of being a part of your website community. Involving your clients increases the chances of the redesign being a huge success.

By involving company people with website redesign you will strengthen and build upon their experience. Asking college about what they want the website to accomplish and the features they want to include can make for a strong start to a project, while seeing their ideas in the final product can make them feel valued.


A website redesign presents a great opportunity to improve your online business.

Being a WordPress website owner you will have an easy time as you can choose among thousands of sleek WordPress themes and plugins. I am sure our guide will help you choose a top-notch one.