How to make your WordPress blog attractive

Fast internet is available in most countries and the average internet user’s attention span is very low, which means that your WordPress blog has about under one second to leave a good impression on your visitor before he starts thinking about staying or leaving. What this means is that your WordPress blog needs to be … Read more

What is the best WordPress theme for my website?

The main reason why WordPress is the most popular way to build your website is that, besides website building tools, you have a plethora of additional plugins that will help you grow your website. After you got yourself a domain and WordPress hosting it is time to choose a theme design. WordPress themes are thousands … Read more

Thinking about a WordPress website redesign?

Sometimes a company college, co-worker or co-owner is the original designer of your website, and making a redesign of the company website may seem like an insult to their designer skills. Redesigning your website will sound like you are putting down the current visual presentation of the website, but making well-thought changes is bound to … Read more

Why do I need a responsive theme with my WordPress website?

Responsive theme is a feature often mentioned in a WordPress theme description. However, average WordPress website owner who is satisfied with its somewhat older theme may be indifferent to this feature, without knowing what it is and what are the benefits. Basically, the responsive theme is a theme that does autonomous content presentation adjustment depending … Read more