Why do I need a responsive theme with my WordPress website?


Responsive theme is a feature often mentioned in a WordPress theme description. However, average WordPress website owner who is satisfied with its somewhat older theme may be indifferent to this feature, without knowing what it is and what are the benefits.

Basically, the responsive theme is a theme that does autonomous content presentation adjustment depending on the device or display resolution that is used to view the website. For example, when the website is viewed on a desktop PC in a full window at 1080p, the theme will adjust content to be displayed wide to fill most of the screen-space.

Making the window smaller than full display window will again adjust it to a smaller window aspect ratio. Further, viewing the website on a smartphone or a tablet will change the content layout to make a better fit of a vertical screen ration… etc.

You must be aware of the fact that, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile device are now more than ever affordable, even in third world countries.

These appealing devices with their sleek and user-friendly interface enable the miracle of the internet to people who did not have it before due to lack of computers themselves or the knowledge of utilizing a computer. There is no need for special training or course to use a mobile device to browse the internet as it is very intuitive.

From another point of view, people in wealthy countries have a trend of accessing the internet comfortably through mobile devices, that has replaced the need to sit in front of a desktop or laptop computer to be able to browse the internet.

Now more than ever people are sitting at cafes, bars, even at work using their mobile devices tablets and smartphones, browsing the internet, shopping, or just looking for any kind of stuff that might be the topic of the conversation.

For many websites that wish to keep up with this modern trend, it is imperative to be able to display it’s content responsively and clearly on any kind of mobile device.

This makes the main benefit of having a responsive theme on your website pretty obvious – it will enable access to a much larger audience and the perseverance to survive the coming change.

If you own a WordPress website, you definitely need a responsive theme and you should get it the sooner the better.