What are the benefits of having a blog with your WordPress website?


Back in the day, the first websites on the internet had the simple role of the online presentation for a company or an individual. Over time communities have developed around different websites and blogging became a thing.

After that, the “Web 2.0” term was coined as the websites no longer hosted only their content but also the content of their visitors (Wikipedia, YouTube, Social Networking …).

Now we have so much content from independent bloggers that you may think your own blog with your company or personal website may not be a good idea. That may not be true.

While there is a high number of websites that do not blog about their activities, you certainly should. Alongside your WordPress website, a blog is an additional way to bring more opportunity and more business to your website.

The interested parties who visit your website and your blog can be enticed to subscribe to your content thus leaving their contact details, effectively producing leads.

Making further analysis into your blog visitors you will get better insight into their needs and wants. Blog readers can react to your blog posts with comments that can transform into brand enthusiasts, which can drive additional business.

It is a fact that the search engines now “read” through your website content, and they know exactly what is your business or industry niche. A well-made blog will increase the quality of your SEO as search engines will have additional content to crawl and index, and increase your search ranking.

Yes, it will take some time for your blog posts to amount the positive benefits but in the long run, they will contribute to your traffic and SEO. Investing enough effort into your blog with the aim of high-quality content will bring traffic to your website. This can open additional options for website profit with ads, affiliate links… etc.

High-quality blog with creative and fresh content will strengthen your website domain authority, as well as build trust with your visitors further enticing them to have the same notion with your products or services.

More so, your website will stand out from competing businesses.

It is important that you make frequent posts with your blog. Consistency is the key to long-lasting benefits from a well-maintained blog. After a certain time, it may seem that you have exhausted all relevant topics with your blog.

That is why it is important to communicate with your blog audience, answer any comments, and procreate new blogging ideas from your visitor needs. Make a blog that matters and it may bring a treasure trove of value to the website behind it in the long run.