Thinking about a WordPress website redesign?

Sometimes a company college, co-worker or co-owner is the original designer of your website, and making a redesign of the company website may seem like an insult to their designer skills. Redesigning your website will sound like you are putting down the current visual presentation of the website, but making well-thought changes is bound to … Read more

Tips to Improve Keyword Rankings for your WordPress website

Keyword rankings changed and all of the recent search engine algorithm changes we witness, traditional tactics like keyword research and targeting, page tagging optimization, and on-page content updates don’t have the impact that they used to. Every website is different, these changes could impact them differently, which is why it’s important to make continuous improvements, … Read more

Resolving server-side issues for a WordPress website

Since the moment when website performance became an SEO factor, performance is essential for any website success. Naturally, you will want to resolve any server-side issues with your WordPress website, to boost your SEO metrics. Fact is, a slow website is loathed by users but it also delivers poor User Experience (UX) index score, and … Read more

WordPress Tips & Tricks 2019

Let’s discuss some of the best tips and tricks in 2019 that will make your WordPress website stand out from the rest. No one can argue that WordPress is the most popular bloggers choice for making a website. Yes, it does deliver some amazing features that you may not be aware of, though you own … Read more

How to promote website growth by guest blogging?

Not only website growth is significantly increased with guest blogging, but examples are also everywhere – content creators join forces in order to retain and gain a new audience. For website owners specifically, we will be guest blogging and link building. Some experts deem these techniques are lacking, but when done properly they will provide … Read more

5 things to work on for higher search ranking

Let’s discuss 5 important parts of your WordPress website on which you need to work in order to achieve higher search ranking than your competing websites. SEO is not a magical technique, but more akin to plumbing, if you do everything right the water will flow. What you need is a bit of time and … Read more

What makes WordPress popular with small business?

WordPress has come a long way from a blogging platform to a full-blown content-management-system and some may not know that it is running almost a third of websites on the Internet. With so many websites, WordPress is being used both with small and large websites, but still, it is more popular with small business and … Read more

5 amazing WordPress Invoice plugins

The cash and check are becoming a thing of the past, as we enter a cashless future. Even more so, as an online business, you want to produce invoices and to make things easier for yourself you can do it with a WordPress Invoice plugin. Many plugins can be used to make an invoice and … Read more

5 ways to restrict content access with your WordPress website!

Website access level restrictions are most commonly done with a membership plugin, but in this case, we will discuss simpler ways with free plugins that can restrict content access. The reason behind restricting content access can be many, you may want to control what users get exclusive access to, or you may want to drip … Read more

How to get links and grow your WordPress website?

Why is having links so important? Links drive traffic from other websites, directly to your content and provide targeted, organic traffic from relevant websites covering the same subject, business or industry. Search engines will analyze links to your website, and those links that are coming from relevant, authoritative websites in your industry niche will contribute … Read more

How to find and repair broken links in your WordPress website?

A WordPress website that has been developing and growing for a longer period of time will definitely amass content in the form of media files, images, post, and pages. All of this content will contain links that point from one to another. Arguably, your older content may contain outward links to other websites too. Visitors … Read more